Our concept of operations is based on the fact that a person's identity is linked to essentially every transaction in the world today.  A transaction could be a payment for goods and services, online or in person, passing through a transportation hub (airport, bus terminal, train station) or simply walking into a building.  In every case, a person's identity needs to be authenticated.  This is where biometrics can assist in preventing identity theft, streamline processing times and ensure privacy.

At Evermedia, we believe a significant component to mitigating identity fraud is leveraging technology to use what makes us unique. A paradigm shift in the way we live.

Evermedia can assist enterprise customers with the business intelligence, systems engineering, data warehousing and biometric platforms to accommodate your specific identity management needs.  An example of a typical transaction is below.



Whether you are a deployed military unit using fingerprints for population control and sending data over a vulnerable wireless environment, a bank verifying a customers ID using their iris to make an online transfer over the Internet or an airport agency validating a traveler’s passport through an intranet, Evermedia can provide a platform to efficiently, cost-effectively and securely perform these transactions.